We in “Chavruta – Chazon LeIsrael” Believe That:

The State of Israel was established as a Zionist state constituting the National Home of the Jewish people. The state was founded as a result of the physical and spiritual distress of the Jewish people in the modern age. It has given an answer to the physical survival of the people. However we have not yet related to the spiritual and cultural dimensions of our lives.

Potentially, the Jewish state is the beginning of our redemption. In order to realize the prophetic vision, we need reform (tikkun) of our values in the following areas:

1. A Genuine Peace between Ourselves and Our Neighbours

2. The Equal Value all Humankind and the Sanctity of Human Life

This value grants all citizens of the state of Israel equal rights before the law and imposes obligations of equal value on all to the State. The educational and economic gaps existing in Israel at present are incompatible with the equal value of all citizens.

3. Protecting the Enviroment

The sanctity of the Land of Israel demands intensive action in order to fulfil the injuction “do not destroy”. At present, our way of life, the way we produce and the way we consume, desecrates and befouls the holiness of the land and the people who inhabit it.

4. Creative Commitment to the Jewish Heritage

Every generation stands before Sinai. It is its right and obligation to interpret the heritage and its symbols by means of democratic process in order to ensure the continued creative existence of the Jewish people wherever it may be in our time.

“But the just shall live by his faith” (Habakkuk 2-4). In a democratic Zionist state no one has the right to impose a particular way of interpreting the heritage. We must obey the injunction – “tell your son and your daughter” – through experience and learning, in a manner that will ensure mutual respect between different attitudes.

The idea of the Divine expressed in its many forms by holidays and feasts, by the Sabbath and in everyday, in the life of the individual and the life of the community, is an ever-present bond focusing the Jewish people in its infinite mission for the reform (tikkun) of the individual, the Jewish people and the world.