Chavruta Newsletters edited by Michael Livni were published by CHAVRUTA (registered society) for Spiritual-cultural and Social-political Tikkun (transformation). The society was founded in 1999 and ceased to function in 2009.
The Chavruta website was discontinued in February 2011.

Chavruta newsletters 1-10 published 2000-2003 deal with questions of culture, education and politics in Israel as well as Israel-Diaspora relations.

Chavruta Newsletters 11-14, published in 2008 deal with the interface between the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism (Reform) and the Zionist idea.

Today' Ruth Deborah Dash-Moore
The Components of the Jewish Wedding Ceremony and Some Ideas for Innovation Written by Michael Livni, with the assistance of Osnat Elnatan, Doria Pinkas-Naveh and Ofek Meir
The “God Idea” and the “Secular Idea”A Dialogue between Michael Livni and Gidon Elad
A Last Word from the Editor The Editorial Board

An Open Letter (#2) to Minister of Education Limor Livnat and Director-General of the Ministry of Education, Ronit Tirosh The Editorial Board


No. 10 – 2003 January
Elections – Jan. 28, 2003 (not translated)

Chaim Nachman Bialik Reproves his People – Surely the People is Grass
The IMPJ Conference — and Beyond By the Editorial Board
Formal Jewish-Zionist Education Zippora Livne


The IMPJ Must Reorganize By the Editorial Board
The IMPJ Conference – Some Comments Amos Katz
Proposal to the Board for an Action Plan Leading to Decisions on the 2009 Budget Michael Livni