General Topics


1. Mid East Conflict: What Now?

2. Mid East Conflict: The Progressive Zionist Quandry.

3. The Left in Israel: Quo Vadis?

4. The Kibbutz: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow?

5. Movement, Youth Movement, Zionist Youth Movement

6. Eco-Zionism in the Light of a Universal Concern.

7. Can Zionism be “Post-modern”?




Reform Zionism


1. Zionism, Post-Zionism, Reform Zionism: A Clarification

2. Reform Judaism and Reform Zionism in Israel.

3. Reform Judaism: Pro-Israel or Reform Zionist.

4. Reform Zionism in the Diaspora – Programs and Priorities.

5. What are the Parameters of Jewish-Zionist Education?

6. Reform Zionism: Vision and Reality–The Case of Kibbutz Lotan.

7. Zionism and Reform Zionism: Modernity and Post-Modernity.

8. Does Reform Zionism have a Future in Israel?



*These suggestions are meant to illustrate. Dr Livni will consider other specific requests.