Adapted and abridged from the Keynote Address given at the Annual Convention of Union Progressiver  Juden in Deutschland, - 13 July 2006/ 17 Tammuz  5766  - Berlin.  The English version below has been translated from the Hebrew  by Shaul Vardi and the author. It appeared in: Saar Shaked, ed.,  M’Chazon L’Metsiut: Yahadut, Limud, U’Manhigut B’Mercaz Chinuch Leo Baeck, Mercaz Chinuch Leo Baeck, Haifa, 2006, pp. 114 – 125. (Leo Baeck memorial volume)

The implications of Reform Zionism must be viewed from the perspective of what Zionism means today.  In turn, this necessitates an understanding of the two roots of Zionism – political Zionism and cultural Zionism.

What is the difference today between "pro-Israelism" and Zionism?

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