Address to the Reform Zionist Youth Task Force,
June 22,  2006


“There is nothing as practical  as a good theory”  stated Kurt Lewin, the founder of Group Dynamics .

Please note:  Theory is crucial and the refusal and or inability of activists and professionals to utilize it in furthering Zionist youth work has been a major impediment to the progress of this work for the last fifty years.  The members of the Youth Task Force should constantly be asking themselves if they are part of the solution or part of the problem.

We will limit ouselves to two theoretical postualtes and their educational implications. The first postulate is from group dynamics - Zionist education means growing into a Zionist group. The second postulate -  the Zionist idea is rooted in the modern rather than the post-modern world.

Download the whole paper: theory_and_practice_in_reform_zionist_education.rtf